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  • Summer Break 2009: As I reflect on this summer, a Dr. Seuss quote comes to mind: "“Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the things you can think up if only you try!” I spent my time taking three classes, and during that time I thought a lot about how to make learning fun. In June, I wrapped up my 11th year of teaching, so it was great to hear about some fresh ideas (and some I already know and use!). I hope I found a few new activities to throw in the mixture that will help some of the tougher concepts stick. One class was about summarizing and reading (in all classes and outside the classroom), another was about deeper reading and making connections (again, strategies to use in all classes and outside the classroom), and the last class I took with Mrs. Schmitt about Cooperative Learning (no, it's not code for group work!).
  • The other excitement of Summer '09 was that my husband and I were getting ready for our first baby--due in early October. We are very excited and still have some preparation to do. You should be excited to welcome Miss Corey who will be taking over in October. She is enthusiastic about taking on this grand adventure and she'll be with us in September! We've already worked together and she's great! She loves being a teacher and really looks forward to a great year.

  • What I did on my summer break 2008: I continued trying to keep up with the technology superhighway. I experienced a few great Central Bucks technology workshops, a couple Team 7-1 workshops, and a Discovery Education Institute. This Institute in August, held at the Monmouth University campus, is where I learned a lot of cool tricks I hope to use this year to educate and enthrall students in room 201. I'll be asking you to join me on the technology adventure too! FYI: The music for the background of this "Animoto" is from //http://www.freesound.org/forum/index//. This is a great site to get free downloadable music for purposes such as this.

  • My time in workshops summer of 2007 was inspired, in part, by this video. Although it's a year old, many of the same concerns and trends continue to inspire me.