Submitted by Liz: Jerry Spinelli (Writer of Crash and Stargirl, just to name a couple)
This is Jerry Spinneli's official site, but it is more for little kids, except the FAQ section:
This site is pretty good:
These aren't great, but they're better than some others:,,

Submitted by Luke: Karen Traviss (Writer of Star Wars Book series--LEGACY OF THE FORCE: REVELATION -
February 2008, book eight of the Legacy of the Force series was a #1 New York Times bestseller)
*This website even has excerpts of her short stories*

Avi: (especially great author if you like historical novels)

Jack London:
a website created by Dr. Donna Campbell
Department of English, Washington State University that provides many excellent links.
The World of Jack London

Stephen King:
"official website"
Submitted by Theresa: I found a Steven King biography for any one interested. It may not be the best, but it is pretty good:

Mark Twain (this is the author Matt was reading):
Mark Twain House and Museum plus link to other sites

Oscar Wilde (the second link--similar to the first--was submitted by Megan):

Submitted by Danielle: Edgar Allen Poe who writes poems and short stories:

Submitted by Danielle: William Blake, artist and poet:

Submitted by Danielle: Emily Dickinson who writes poems and short stories:

George Orwell (author of Animal Farm)