Pronouns Feb./March:

Here's the pre-test so you can practice again. The answers are here as well.
external image msword.png **09 prequiz.doc**
Notes from first PPT (PPT would not load)

Who versus whom PODCAST presented by Grammar Girl:
Follow up worksheet with answers:

Parts of a sentence (label the part) January:

Had difficulty uploading the file --sorry! This PPT is from last year--not as updated, but perhaps it will help.
external image Review of Sentence parts.ppt

Commas December:

Apostrophe notes November:

Dialogue notes November:

For the below, go to the book for the answers:

Punctuating Titles notes October:

Capitalization Sept./Oct:

(with answer key)

Homophones Sept./Oct:

some cool videos:

Learn about prepositions"