Business Letters/Writing to the USO:

  • SAMPLE letter and suggestions for what to write (we'll start together on Monday Nove,ber 10th)

Personal Narrative help:

from class November 6, 2008

(period 1 only)

(Period 2/3 and 4/5)

Research Paper help:

  • Complete academic sample paper with title page, paper, works cited, and outline

  • Complete advanced (period 1) sample paper with title page, paper, works cited, and outline

  • STRONG paragraphs (highlighted so you can see the "color" or "sandwich" or "balance"

  • Outline layout samples

  • Thesis statement

This is what we did in class on Friday. Use this to remind you what to edit and what to look for:
== ----

9/10 classwork (3 parts: does the title fit, recommendation, your opinion):==

·Brainstorming for does the title fit? (2-4 sentences) :

- Think about how telling the title is. Does it give away too much? Is it too broad? Is it clever? - Does the story have a double meaning?

- Does the title describe someone in particular?

-Is the title/story universal (meaning it related to MANY people? -Why did the author choose this title?


·Brainstorming for your opinion of the novel (2-4 sentences) *Yes, can be negative or positive*

-What specific MOMENT(S) of the novel drew you in?

-What specific CHARACTERS were well described?

-Which were so likeable that they made you like the novel?

-What specific MOMENT of the novel was so boring or so unbelievable that they made you dislike the novel?


·Brainstorming for recommendation

-Based on what you said above, what SPECIFIC person would you recommend this novel to?

-Why that person? What about that person would be drawn to this novel?

-What specific aspects of this novel would give you reason to recommend this novel to that person?


9/9/08 classwork (3 paragraphs: conflict, resolution, theme) Conflict: 1)Figure out which of the following conflicts your characters are in and how that plays out in the plot. internalperson vs. him/herself external (this is only a partial list)man vs. manman vs. nature man vs. society 2) Describe this internal or external conflict without going into too much plot. 3)Does the conflict change any of the characters? In what way?



Resolution/conclusion 1) Do the loose ends tie up? How so? 2) What characters do we learn more about by the end? Does any character come away as changed? 3) Does something unexpected happen? Is the ending predictable?



Theme 1) Think of this as the main idea—what is the message the author is trying to present? 2) Remember that theme is more than just one-word (example: "People should try to be who they are instead of what they're not") 3) Remember to develop with details- don't give too much plot, instead focus on one specific event or character who shows the theme.


9/8/08 class work (3 paragraphs: protagonist, antagonist, setting):


* Here are some questions to brainstorm for your analysis of protagonist OR antagonist

1) What is this character's connection to other characters?

2) What is the protagonist's/antagonist's overall goal?

3) What stands in his/her way of achieving this goal?

4) What does he/she stand to lose, if he/she is not successful?

5) How does the author want the reader to view the character or what is the author's purpose for having this character in the novel?? What is his/her

6) Greatest fault or flaw

7) Greatest strength? What does he/she 8) Hates? 9) Love? 10) Fear? 11) Keep secret?


examples (this is a B- example for our purposes--this would need more development. Perhaps there could be an explanation of her personality in more detail...):


Even though the main protagonist, Amelia Bedelia, is a determined person and a hard worker, she interprets her duties as a maid too literally. When she is asked to dust the furniture, she douses it withtalcum powder! To change the towels, she cuts holes in them! Her confusion makes us see how many ways there are to interpret ordinary statements. The reader comes to admire the way she tackles her every daytasks.


The first part of this paragraph came from "Ten Great Girl Characters: Novels" 7 September 2007. . Scar is a terrible and awesome Disney Villain. Brother of the king, and uncle to the prince, Scar has no power but plenty of pride. His goal is to be famous and have power, and he will let nothing get in the way of this goal. He wants so badly to be important and royal. Scar has no restraint over his bitterness, which is one of the motivations for when he kills his own brother for power then also almost kills his nephew Simaba. Scar was a horrible king making Pride land dried and ugly. Readers can't help but have hate for the actions he takes against the beloved Disney characters.

Information and actual text from the paragraph came from "THE TOP DISNEY VILLAIN COUNTDOWN." 7 September 2007


The setting plays an important role in a story. Sometimes the setting will almost seem to be another character. In your summer reading, you’ve been taken to many different times and places. You are required to write a paragraph about the setting of your story.

How do I write a paragraph about the setting of my story?

Some questions to brainstorm for your analysis of setting:

1)How do characters react to settings?

2)What challenges do the places/times create for the characters?

3)How does the setting draw the reader in?

4)How does the setting change?

5)How often does the setting change?

6)How does the setting change connect to changes in the plotline?

*DO NOT include all these above answers—never LIST in a paragraph. Instead, pick a couple of these answers and develop them.