obscure – unclear; clouded; partially hidden; hard to understand
discriminate – to differentiate; to make a clear distinction; to see the difference
temperate – moderate; restrained
inevitable – unavoidable; bound to happen
futile – hopeless; without effect
servile – submissive and subservient; like a servant
anarchy – absence of government or control; lawlessness; disorder

Vocabulary List 2

discord – disagreement (the opposite of concord)
repudiate – to reject; deny
lucid – clear; easy to understand
dispassionate – without passion; objective; neutral
advocate – to speak in favor of; to support
profound – deep; insightful (the opposite of superficial)
dissent – disagreement

Vocabulary List 3

profuse – flowing; extravagant
belligerent – combative; quarrelsome; waging war
censure – to condemn severely for doing something bad
neutral – unbiased; not taking sides; objective
repress – to hold down
articulate – speaking clearly and well
atrophy – to waste away from lack of use

Vocabulary List 4

dubious – doubtful; uncertain
concise – brief and to the point; succinct
blasphemy – irreverence; an insult to something held sacred; profanity
coalesce – to come together as one; to unite
extraneous – irrelevant; extra; unnecessary; unimportant
incongruous – not harmonious; not consistent; not appropriate
sage – wise; possessing wisdom derived from experience or learning

Vocabulary List 5

predecessor – someone or something that came before another
remorse – sadness; regret
scrupulous – strict; careful; hesitant for ethical reasons
idiom – a peculiar expression
virtuoso – masterful musician; a masterful practitioner in some other field
animosity – resentment; hostility; ill will
bastion – stronghold; fortress; fortified place