Vocabulary List 11

tedious – boring
caustic – like acid; corrosive
belittle – to make to seem little
refute – to disprove
slander – to defame; to speak maliciously of someone
stringent – strict; restrictive
fickle – capricious; whimsical; unpredictable

Vocabulary List 12

desecrate – to profane a holy place (the opposite of consecrate)
benign – gentle; not harmful; kind; mild
compliant – yielding; submissive
innumerable – too many to number or count; many
exemplify – to serve as an example of
diffident – timid; lacking in self-esteem or self-confidence
gullible – overly trusting; willing to believe anything

Vocabulary List 13

propriety – properness; good manners
enthrall – to thrill
heed – to listen to
discernment – insight; ability to see things clearly
enigma – mystery
eccentric – not conventional; a little kooky; irregular
acute – sharp; shrewd

Vocabulary List 14

diligent – hardworking
squander – to waste
incessant – unceasing; never-ending
provocative – exciting; attracting attention
austere – unadorned; stern; forbidding; without much money
expedite – to make faster or easier

Vocabulary List 15

pragmatic – practical; down-to-earth; based on experience rather than on theory
ascetic – hermit-like; practicing self-denial
voluntary – willing; unforced
fastidious – meticulous; demanding
astute – perceptive; intelligent
engender – to create; to produce
incoherent – jumbled; chaotic; impossible to understand