VOCAB List 21:
negligence – carelessness
ironic – satiric; unexpected
dogmatic – arrogantly assertive of unproven ideas;
disparate – different; incompatible
expedient – providing an immediate advantage; serving one’s immediate self interests
mitigate – to lessen the severity of something
acclaim – praise; applause; admiration

VOCAB list 22:
reproach – to scold
orthodox – conventional; ‘ by the book’
ambivalent – undecided; blowing hot and cold
esoteric – hard to understand;
exhaustive – thorough; complete
appease – to sooth; to pacify by giving in to
frivolous – not serious; not solemn; with levity

VOCAB list 23:
instigate – to provoke; to stir up
apocryphal – of doubtful origin; false
auspicious – favorable; promising;
hackneyed –overused; trite (a cliché)
torpor – sluggishness; inactivity; apathy
innocuous – harmless; banal
subtle – not obvious; crafty

VOCAB list 24:
hypothetical – uncertain; unproven
marred – damaged; bruised
rejuvenate – to make young and strong again
authentic – real
bias – prejudice; tendency; tilt
irascible – irritable
saccharine – sweet; excessively or disgustingly sweet

VOCAB list 25:
innovate – to be creative; to introduce something new
abstract – theoretical; lacking substance (the opposite of concrete)
benevolent – kind; good-hearted; generous
reticent – restrained; uncommunicative
scrutinize – to examine closely
aesthetic – having to do with artistic beauty; artistic (do not confuse with ascetic)
prodigal – extravagant; wasteful